petit paquet

On the 2nd floor of our store is the cafe “Salon de Kurumicco,” where you can relax and enjoy desserts that will make your heart flutter. Hoping to deliver that magical moment right to your doorstep, we are keeping it simple, putting in time and effort, and taking no shortcuts in baking classic sweets, which we then wrap in adorable little packages called “petit paquet.” Make your tea time special with these baked sweets which will keep you spellbound with their lovely fragrance and taste, and come in adorable “petit paquet” cans.


*The “petit paquet” will be available through advanced sales on the online shop for a limited time from July to August 2020, and be available exclusively at the Hachiman Shrine Head Store from September.
*Please be aware that we are only able to produce a limited amount per day and may run out of stock.